Prospector Help - Player Hand Stats

Player Hand Stats

The Player Hand Stats allows advanced analysis of hand data.This is the most powerful feature of Prospector and can provide an in depth view of a Player's poker history and skill.

Left Hand Filter

The top left of the filter blade shows the player perspective and the number of hands loaded. To select a different hero, go back to the My Stats tab or Database tab and choose one from the menu.

Filters Blade

The Filter Panel contains the filter settings for the selected hands in the player stats.

Filtering Notes

Tournament and ring hands cannot be loaded at same time as they contain different kinds of win data. All filtering in the left hand filter will be applied to all tabs, tables, charts and graphs in the window.


Each tab represents an import aspect of poker strategy. Select a tab for more details.


The bottom section of each tab is the MyStats table of data.
When first selected the section opens up to the table descriptions. Select Continue to Data to get table stats.
To switch back to the descriptions, use the table editor button (green ball ) to re-display the data.

Table Basics

To add or remove stats use the table editor button.
All columns throughout the program can be moved to any location in the table by dragging and dropping.

By selecting a row and right clicking, a menu of row options. Row options include: View Hands, Add As Filter, Playback Hands and Export Hands.

View Hands will launch the Hand History Viewer. Add as Filter will launch the Hand Filter screen. Playback Hands will launch the Hand History Replayer. Export hands will launch the Hand History Exporter.

Bankroll Graph

The bankroll graph shows the players bankroll over their filtered hands.