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Unfortunately Poker Academy software is not available and a company which has been developing it doesn't exist anymore. Our company purchased the domain name in order to keep an interest to the AI poker software. Moreover we are working on a product called Poker Genius which will have similar features that Poker Academy had.
Windows version is ready for download at
Mac OS X version is here:
Linux version is planned to be released in 2019.

We have a special price (30% off) until the end of 2015.

Former Poker Academy customers are able to get our software 50% off (usd 49 only). Please email us ( BEFORE PURCHASING and attach the original PA activation email with your license key. We'll send the unique link for your discounted activation.

Please visit our website for updates:

Poker Academy is the premier source for quality poker software. Our company specializes in poker tools designed specifically for Texas Holdem. Try our demos and experience what the best Holdem software and cutting edge poker tools can do for your game and your bottom line.

Our focus is Poker

We read the poker forums, we follow the major poker organizations, and we carefully monitor our own community poker forum. Our focus is poker. At Poker Academy, we are always striving to create the best poker software in every area of poker. From learning, to game analysis, to perfecting your game - Poker Academy has many poker tools designed to help you along the way.

Poker Academy Prospector

Welcome to the most powerful and intuitive poker analysis package available in the market. If you play at any of our many supported online poker sites, or just with Poker Academy, then let the auto importing take all of your hand histories and transform them into a visual breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses. Unleash your poker stats and explore every aspect of your game with ease and comfort.

Whether it is to learn the flaws in your game or in your opponents', Poker Academy Prospector will shine a light and bring wisdom to every area of your gameplay.

Poker Academy Pro

Great poker software starts with high quality poker AI. Why? Poker, including Texas Holdem, has many levels of strategy and game play. If you learn to win against poor opponents, odds are good that your strategy will not hold up when you advance to better players. Once sitting at a better game, you will have to change your style and learn how to play at the new level. This is where our Texas Holdem software trainer Poker Academy Pro excels.

The artificial intelligence in our poker software is developed from world renown poker AI developed by the University of Alberta. But AI is only the beginning of the most powerful training tool available for Hold'em. Pro allows you to simulate any type of opponents, table types, game structures, scenarios, and drills - and allows you to do this at over 200 hands per hour!

Prospector and Pro

Together, these exceptional poker tools amplify their respective power to greatly increase your profits at the table. Once you identify your problem areas with Poker Academy Prospector, the power of Poker Academy Pro can be used to help correct them. When you play a drill against a bot, it doesn't know that you are always holding the same two cards - or that the board will always flop a pair. All it knows is how to play solid poker. So you can practice any problem area for hours against the opponents that challenge you the most. Oh, and if you are up to it, our holdem software enables custom opponent creation, so you can create bots that play any opponent and really learn to dominate the table.

Free to Try

See what our products can do for your Texas Holdem game, and for your bankroll.
Try our award-winning software and become a new poker star.

We offer free demos of our software so you feel confident in any investment you will make. So take this opportunity and Unleash Your Poker Stats with Poker Academy Prospector, or download Poker Academy Pro and experience the power of an unparalleled poker training package.