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Poker Academy boasts a tremendously active and vocal forum community. Our online poker forums provide an interactive environment where users discuss poker, software problems, bot configurations, and how they utilize Poker Academy products to improve their games.

Online Ratings

Sure, online play and PAX are fun. But there's one thing that makes it better: ratings. Check out how you stand on the PAX ratings page.

Compare multiple players at the same time. See a condensed display of what's going on in the summary view. Sort the players on all of the different columns. Not doing too good - sort it in reverse order. No matter what you want to do with it, ratings make it better.
View the stats with your player name:

Man vs Machine Poker Champioships

Each year the latest headsup specialist bot out of the University of Alberta Poker Research Group, Polaris, takes on Poker Pros to determine if machine has surpassed man!

Man vs Machine 2008 - Polaris vs Stoxpoker Pros

Man vs Machine 2007 - Polaris vs Phil Lakk & Ali Eslami

In the Media

Our Media section contains recent product reviews, Poker Academy news, and product updates.

Poker Academy Partners

A list of companies and websites which we are affiliated with or find helpful for our poker needs.

Bot Plug-In API

If you are a programmer, you can program your own computer opponent using the Meerkat API, plug it into Poker Academy, and see how it does against yourself and the other AIs. If you aren’t a programmer, don’t worry. Our website will link to additional freely available computer opponents as they become available.

The download contains the meerkat-api.jar file to compile against, the API documentation, a sample bot, and brief instructions. The compiled bot can just be dropped into a special subfolder of Poker Academy.

If you have any questions or problems, or have developed a bot and wish to showcase it, please contact us at the Meerkat API section in the forum.

Download Meerkat API 2.5 (331 Kb)

Download Meerkat API 2.0.0 (260 Kb)

Download Meerkat API 1.5.1 (240 Kb)