Poker Academy Software

Poker Academy Pro

Replicate every aspect of your typical game: stakes, tournament structures, ring play, players at the table, and even the opponent types at the table. The world reknown AI for our bots means the opponents learn your weaknesses - forcing you to improve your game to keep up.

Create scenarios and drills to determine the best strategy to every table you encounter.

Poker Academy Prospector

Cut through your history to reveal major insights into your poker tendencies. With Prospector you can plug your leaks and reveal your weaknesses, or, spy your opponents' shortcomings.

Whether you want to sit back with an auto-generated player report, analyse cross-sections of the data yourself, or play back one hand at a time, Prospector will help you shed light on your game.

Poker Odds Calculator

Currently only available on the Google Desktop, the Poker Odds Calculator provides a way to quickly and easily calculate poker odds.

Simply select your hand and up to 9 opponent starting hands, optional board cards and click "Calculate" to view how each hand stacks up.