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I've misplaced my CD, what can I do?
With proper proof of purchase Poker Academy can provide you with a download version of your product.
When I try to connect to Poker Academy Online it tells me my key is invalid.
Please contact us. Include your activation key, and we will verify the status of your key and get
What are the system requirements for Poker Academy Pro or Standard?
Windows 98/XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS X 10.2.8 (Jaguar) or higher, 128MB RAM, 200MB disk space, 800 MHz
I can no longer import hands from Party Poker - what gives?
Party Poker recently changed their transcript format and we are working on an update. Please send
Poker Academy is stuck on "Loading Hand Histories" or "Initializing Window" (regardless if there is internet access or not).
This error is caused by corrupt game logs.

Find your game log and rename it to GAMES_V3.log.bak
My PAX winnings aren't showing up in my account? Why am I still poor?
First and foremost, make sure your big win didn't take place in a play money room (non-PAX) room.
I lost connection and now I can't sign back in.
From time to time your connection may be lost and you'll be disconnected from Poker Academy Online.
I am 100% sure this is a firewall issue. When I disable the firewall it all works fine.
For many firewalls outgoing TCP/IP connections on arbitrary ports are allowed to proceed. But an

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