Maximum PC Software Review gives Pro 9 out of 10

Poker Software Review by Maximum PC gives a 9 of 10

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Maximum PC Software Review

Maximum PC posted a poker software review of Poker Academy Pro in the magazine's December 2006 issue. The verdict: A 9 out of 10.

According to writer Will Smith, "By pitting you against several different types of bots swith a wide variety of strategies and skill levels, PA Pro succeeds where many other poker games fail. You can actually pick up skills and improve your game playing against these opponents...the most realistic, convincing bots we've played against."

Top 5 Comments of the Poker Software Review for In-Game Play

  1. With hyper-advanced computer opponents, Poker Academy Pro gives you a place to hone your strategies that won't cost you a cent, beyond the price of the game.
  2. Test new maneuvers, tweak your play style, and perfect your tournament techniques without risking your bankroll.
  3. PA Pro includes the most realistic, convincing bots we've played against. The game uses several "dumb" situational bots, which follow a fixed set of rules, as well as learning bots, which study your play style and adjust their strategies to take advantage of your weaknesses.
  4. PA Pro will challenge you more the more you play, and you'll face a good mix of competent, crazy, and skilled players every time you load a table or tournament.
  5. Learn how to exploit the bots' strategies at the same time they adapt to yours.

Top 5 Comment of the Poker Software Review for Online Gameplay

  1. Once you feel confident in your game, you can go online and play against other Poker Academy owners.
  2. While we don't typically encourage playing for virtual money, because of the bad habits and loose calls it encourages, we make an exception for PA online.
  3. The people playing spend real cash to access the service; they're playing to learn and to improve their real-world game. In order to participate in the serious tournaments and ring games, you've got to buy in using Poker Academy Credits (PAX). The only way to get PAX is to finish in the money in one of the frequent "freeroll" no-limit tournaments. By using the PAX system, you can practice building and protecting your poker bankroll, just as you would with real cash.
  4. PA Pro keeps a detailed history of every hand you (and your opponents) play. With complete details´┐Żincluding winners, losers, bets, raises, folds, and the cards you see.
  5. The app also analyzes your play, making it easy for you to tell if your actions line up with your intended strategy.

"We are very pleased with the poker software review of Poker Academy Pro in Maximum PC," said Kurt Lange, president of Poker Academy Software. "In particular, we appreciate Will's comments about PA Online. More than a place to hone your Texas Hold'em skills against other Poker Academy players, this is our digital community. We encourage Texas Hold'em players from around the world to check it out and see what a tremendous resource it can be in taking your game to the next level."