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Poker Academy Pro Hailed as Ultimate Poker Software for Macs

Posted on Mar 10, 2008
Poker Academy Pro was recently hailed as the ultimate poker software for Macs in a review by Mac Poker Tools. In the poker software review, Mac Poker Tools proclaimed that PA Pro is a powerful tool that can help players earn money at the tables.

The review also reported that PA Pro could help any level player probe their game, gauge progress, as well as find and fix weaknesses. In short, Mac Poker Tools said PA Pro is the best among Mac poker training software.

Deal Magazine gives 4 of 5 for PA Pro: Texas Holdem Poker

Posted on Mar 19, 2007
"By pitting you against several types of bots with a wide range of strategies and skill levels, the game [Poker Academy Pro] succeeds where many other poker programs fail," said writer Will Smith. The review appeared in Deal Magazine's ( fall 2006 issue.

Maximum PC Software Review gives Pro 9 out of 10

Posted on Jan 03, 2007
Maximum PC reviews Poker Academy Pro in the magazine's December 2006 issue. The verdict: a 9 out of 10.

According to writer Will Smith, "By pitting you against several different types of bots with a wide variety of strategies and skill levels, PA Pro succeeds where many other poker games fail. You can actually pick up skills and improve your game playing against these opponents...the most realistic, convincing bots we've played against."

Poker Review gives Editor's Choice to PA Pro 2.0

Posted on Nov 02, 2005
Mike David of provides a detailed review of Poker Academy Pro 2.0. He makes it clear that he has played his fair share of poker and provided a number of poker reviews. The final conclusion is a 90% rating, earning the distinction of Editor's Choice.

PA Pro Receives Best Poker Rating in Class

Posted on Oct 22, 2005
PC Gamer magazine has given Poker Academy Pro 2.0 a rating of "Excellent" in the October 2005 issue.

In the review, editor Rob Smith wrote," Let's get this out of the way upfront: this game is a $129 buy. You read that right. And let's get this clear, too: it's probably the best investment you can make if you want your poker playing to improve, your knowledge of the game to deepen, and your confidence against all kinds of opponents to grow. "