Poker Academy Pro Hailed as Ultimate Poker Software for Macs

Poker Academy Pro Hailed as Ultimate Poker Software for Macs

Poker Academy Pro was recently hailed as the ultimate poker software for Macs in a review by Mac Poker Tools. In the poker software review, Mac Poker Tools proclaimed that PA Pro is a powerful tool that can help players earn money at the tables.

The review also reported that PA Pro could help any level player probe their game, gauge progress, as well as find and fix weaknesses. In short, Mac Poker Tools said PA Pro is the best among Mac poker training software.

Highlights of the Poker Software Review for Macs

1. Simulate Real Table Play: Poker Academy Pro keeps players at the top of their game by having tournaments programmed in the software and drilling them. Players tweak the settings to simulate real table play. The custom functions help players keep repeating a situation and makes them feel comfortable.

2. Challenging Computer Opponents: Poker Academy bots are the best poker bots developed in any poker software for Macs. A player can simulate any opponent, table type, game structure, scenario, and drill. They [the bots] adapt to play and learn your moves, so they exploit your weaknesses. The program bases the bots on poker professionals such as Gus Hanson and Daniel Negreanu, and a bot almost beat pro Phil Lak and Ali Eslami at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

3. Feature Rich and Fast-Game Play: Ring game setup feature has 18 separate limit and no limit options including shorthanded play and heads up. The tournament area allows players to use single table simulation and limit or no limit multi table. The area allows any specifications and one can play more than 200 hands per hour. This allows players to bypass dead time and work on all aspects of their game.

4. Best Online Poker Learning Environment: Poker Academy Online is the best place to learn online poker. It includes ring games, includes a tournament format and uses online currency called PAX. The PAX bankroll starts at zero and the better you play the more you earn. The online community players focus on learning and playing a top game. The Web site is user-friendly and includes vast information and reviews.

5. Worthwhile Investment: Poker Academy Pro is viewed as a worthwhile with long-term beneficial effects to a player's game.

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From Poker Academy

"We are thrilled to be hailed as the ultimate Mac poker software by Mac Poker Tools," said Kurt Lange, president of Poker Academy Software. "The Mac poker community is a creative and diverse group. Our goal is to create the best poker software to help any player find their weaknesses and advance to the next level of play."