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'Big Ron' Hargrove wins $133,760 by making Final Table

'Big Ron' Hargrove wins $133,760 by making Final Table

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'Big Ron' Hargrove's Success Story

Final Table at Caesars Palace Casino Circuit Champ Tournament

Poker Academy, the leading Texas Holdem poker software developer with world renowned artificial intelligence, today announced that “Big Ron” Hargrove won $133,760 by making the final table and finishing third place at the Caesars Palace Casino Circuit Champ Tournament. Big Ron attributes a big part of his success to training diligently with Poker Academy Texas Holdem software. The tournament took place on October 30 through November 2, 2005, in Elizabeth, Indiana.

"After practicing hard all week with your software in tournament mode, I entered the Caesars Indiana Super Satellite tournament in the World Series of Poker and won a seat in the circuit championship event worth $10,000," said 'Big Ron' Hargrove. "I practiced even harder the following week and ended up making the final table, taking third place, winning a whopping $133,760. I am telling you, if you want to take your game to the professional level, this is the software that will help take you there."

“Big Ron's success is the ultimate testament to value inherent in our poker software,” said Kurt Lange, president and CEO of Poker Academy. “Not only is Poker Academy a great game, one that keeps you challenged as your ability improves, but it also is a fantastic training tool. Because our single and multi-table tournament feature allows you to simulate any tournament structure on the professional circuit, Big Ron was able to train in a realistic manner – one that proved to be very worthwhile. We are thrilled to be part of his big win.”

Learning about Poker Academy Software

Big Ron learned about Poker Academy software on 'The Screen Savers' show on G4Tech TV earlier this year. Poker pro Thomas “Thunder” Keller was talking about the software. “I thought I would give Poker Academy a try,” said Big Ron. “I used to use Turbo Holdem, but I was immediately impressed with the look and feel of Poker Academy over Turbo Texas Holdem. I gradually moved up to Poker Academy Pro 2 as new editions became available.”

According to Big Ron, he trained with Poker Academy software by choosing tournament mode, set the players to 250, and practiced 6–8 hours a day leading up to the tournament. “I am certain my success at the tables is due in no small part to the hard practice I put in with your excellent software,” he said.

Other Success

Recently Big Ron entered a $200 tournament with 133 entrants and made the final table again. He took 7th place and won $1,330. “That means I am 3 for 3 in tournament-style final tables and cashes, mostly due to the long hours of practice with your software!” he said. “Can you say hat trick?”

“Big Ron” Hargrove is 47, a semi retired small business owner, a proud father of one daughter, and he is especially proud of his two granddaughters. He currently resides in central Kentucky.

Poker Academy Comments

This is one of the biggest winners proffessing the advantage of using Poker Academy software. In the email we receive, as well as on our forums, we receive a lot of other success stories and their affirmation that Poker Academy Pro played a major part in that improvement.

Whether it is making the final table at a championship tournament, finally winning that final table in their local casino tournament, or just reliably making more money at home games, we have heard numerous stories of how our software helps hold'em players improve their game. It is the feedback we hope to hear as we strive for our goal of building the complete poker training software package.