Poker Review gives Editor's Choice to PA Pro 2.0

Poker Review gives Editor's Choice to PA Pro 2.0

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A Detailed Poker Review

Mike David of provides a detailed review of Poker Academy Pro 2.0. He makes it clear that he has played his fair share of poker and provided a number of poker reviews. The final conclusion is a 90% rating, earning the distinction of Editor's Choice.

Online Play

Mike was clearly a fan of our online play, stating, “What I enjoyed the most was the incredibly easy online mode. Poker Academy allows you to merely press the online button and wham, there's the games that you can jump into. It even tells you how many people are playing in any particular room. Plus, you can make your own room. It was so darn simple.”

Poker Academy Pro 2.0 features a place to learn online with other poker enthusiasts. Most “play money” sites offer loose and weak competition. Poker Academy Pro provides an authentic playing experience, that rivals the quality of many real money games. The GameZone poker review refers to our online play as “highly competitive” and “the game's most defining quality”.

Advance actions, a competitive environment, and player chat prepare players for the online poker rooms. In addition to this, features such as custom room creation and flashing one or both cards gives the feel of live games.

Reviewing Poker Statistics

This software provides a wealth of information for the player. During gameplay, a sidebar displays information such as session statistics, pot odds, hand evaluations, and suggested action percentages.

On top of this, there is a complete stats package to analyze your overall gameplay. As stated in the review, “The stats windows and other informational diagrams are all easy on the eyes and provide the kind of statistics normally reserved for Major League Baseball.”

The graphics offer a clean interface that is “easy on the eyes and meant to be painless during long play sessions”. Every game has shortcomings, and a good review will always show these. This poker review noted "[t]he thing that I did not like about the game though, and this is pretty much the only thing, was that the game cannot be played full screen.”

The Pricetag

From the poker review, "$129 bucks! Seemed like an awful lot to pay for a game, even if it's the Pro version. So I did some research, and began to read. [...]Building off of an impressive learning program, Poker Academy allows players to not only enjoy a quality poker title, but over time you will learn to become a better player whether you realize it."

By the end of the review it seems that Poker Academy Pro has won Mike over, “I could go into a level of depth now that only the staunchest of fans would appreciate. But it may sound contrived and unnecessary. The point is, that Poker Academy is a fine title and worth the price of admission. But be warned, this title is for the real deal poker players, the A.I. is awesome and the online play is highly competitive.”

Poker Academy Comments

The Audience

Few gaming poker reviews of us have gone as in-detail as this review. The unfortunate part is Mike knows his audience does not necessarily include the poker-savvy, mentioning he " could go into a level of depth now that only the staunchest of [poker] fans would appreciate." Gaming reviews put our software on a different field then we feel we are actually in. Poker Academy aims to improve your game by providing the best poker training software out there. To this end, those details that a game review leaves out are some of our most valuable components. This also leads to another comparison about the price difference – comparing the pricetag to a typical $70 entertainment game is different than to a tool that can actually help you earn money at the tables. For this reason, the pricetag often raises eyebrows, but we sincerely believe that the more powerful features of Poker Academy Pro trully justifies this investment.

Online Play and Community

Something that no poker review has (or probably will) cover is value of our community. The group of poker enthusiasts using our software log onto our Poker Academy Forums to share everything of interest; from general poker chat and ongoing poker news to customizing Poker Academy and product suggestions. We invite anyone to join our poker forums and share their thoughts with us.

Since this review first came out, our online environment has improved even further. By introducing our own online currency called PAX (a currency that you must earn), our site provides an additional layer of competitiveness as well as introduces bankroll management. We gain a number of die-hard fans because of our online play. Our system provides a competitive environment to fine-tune your strategies, while still maintaining a social atmosphere where players share information and opinions.

Download and Try

A poker review helps you to learn which software is worth trying, but to be sure there is nothing like trying it for yourself. You can download a fully featured demo of Poker Academy Pro now and see for yourself.