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Poker Stats Unleashed

Poker Academy is proud to introduce Poker Academy Prospector, the most in-depth, easy to use poker stats analysis package designed to make you a more profitable player.

Poker Academy Prospector comes fully equipped with an abundance of stats, performance reports, hand replayer, advanced stats filtering, multi database storage capacity for all your hands and a clean interface to facilitate your poker analysis.

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Save Your Bankroll
Cheaper than a bad play at the table, Poker Academy Prospector will pay for itself in a heartbeat.

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CardPlayer Review
"It's sobering to see just how much money is lost in certain preventable situations, but it's also exciting to recognize a leak."

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Track Your Bankroll

Poker Academy Prospector provides a graphical representation of your bankroll over all or selected sessions. Your bankroll data is calculated via hands imported from online poker sites or sessions that you manually create, based on casino, home offline or online game results.
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Pin-Point Leaks In Your Game

One of the most valuable features in Poker Academy Prospector is the ability to view your performance reports. With just a couple clicks you'll be able to see what part of your game is bringing in the big bucks and which is burning holes in your pockets. Whether you play your suited connectors far too aggressively or your pocket pairs to conservatively we'll help you find the leak.
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Analyze Your Play ... And Your Opponents

Detailed player stats allow you to drill down and view your or your opponents' stats in very specific contexts. All stats can be grouped into categories such as results by the number of players in the hand, player's position in the hand, your hand type, your play versus a specific opponent etc.
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Don't Get Left Behind

Take your game to new heights using some of the most advanced features in poker analysis software. With multiple database capacity import all your poker hands to drill down and find weaknesses that have plagued your game from day one, or that have cropped up recently.
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