Man vs Machine 2008 – Download Hand Histories

The 2008 Man vs Machine Hand Histories

Hand histories will be made available after each day of competition. For detailed analysis, download the free Poker Academy Prospector demo, import the logs and see how you stack up against these Online Poker Phenoms. See below for further instructions.

July 3rd - Grudzien & Hendon VS Polaris - Download Hand Histories

July 4th - McRoberts & Acosta VS Polaris - Download Hand Histories

July 5th - Newhouse & Palansky VS Polaris - Download Hand Histories

July 6th - Hawrilenko & Palansky VS Polaris - Hands Not Publicly Available


1) Download & Install the Free Poker Academy Prospector Demo

Note: Skip this step if you already own Poker Academy Prospector

Once again the Man vs Machine championship was powered by Poker Academy and played on Poker Academy Online server technology. All hand histories are therefor in Poker Academy Online server format. In order to view detailed hand stats, watch a replay and get reports, you will need our latest software, Poker Academy Prospector.

Download Poker Academy Prospector Demo Here

After downloading the file, launch the installer and follow the instructions on screen to install.

2) Download the 2008 Man vs Machine Hand Histories

a) Download the desired hand history file from the list at the top of this page and save to your desktop.

b) Right click on the downloaded file on your desktop and choose "Extract All"

c) Choose to save the extracted data to your desktop.

3) Import Hands Into Prospector

a) In Poker Academy Prospector, flip over to the "Import" tab and select "Import Folder" as shown below.

b) Navigate, using the folder browser to the Man Machine folder you created (desktop) and select "Open".

c) Now flip over to the "Database" tab, select a session(s) and a player and click "View Player's Detailed Statistics" as highlighted below.

4) Analyze The Play

You are now ready to start analyzing the championship. Remember to take a look through the Prospector Help if you have any questions.

5) Discuss

As always check out the Poker Academy Forums for discussion about this and other poker news and events.