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Poker Academy Pro is loaded with features. This page aims to help you discover how you can use these features. Just select the task under I want to... that you want to do.

Below that a list of steps will be shown to help you accomplish this task. Each of these steps can also be selected to provide instructions.

Get Started with PA Pro

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play a ring game

play a tournment

play on-line

get advice on a hand

If you're not sure what action to take during a hand, check out what the advisor would do in your shoes. The advisor is customizable, meaning if you can change his pre-flop and post-flop actions to suit your taste. The advisor can be found in the right sidebar of the game play window.

To change advisors or tweak their style, click on the right facing arrow in the advisor panel. You will see a profile name associaited with a fixed limit and no limit bot. Click on the drop down menu to select a different bot, or click on the 'edit' button to tweak their settings.

If you can't help but look at the advisor and wish to hide him/her until you need assistance, click on the advisor.. You will now see the Poker Academy logo and if you'd like to see what your advisor is saying, simply move your mouse cursor over him/her.

hone my heads-up play

Learn to Play

I want to ...

tighten up my game

fine-tune my positional play

learn to put players on a hand

practice bluffing

fix holes in my game

Analyze my Game

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review my stats

see my odds of hitting a straight

see how my hand stacks up over the long run

import my online hand histories

show off my brilliant poker prowess

Customize the Software

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change my opponent

tweak the speed of gameplay

stack the deck

change my environment

smoothly run my home game